Table of Contents

About, an introduction
Research, my interests
Curriculum Vitae, my academic résumé


Daniel Steinbock’s music, my musical alter ego
True Story Game & Podcast, storytelling podcast + card game that teaches people to be better storytellers
TagCrowd, a web app I created for visualizing texts as word clouds
Photography, mostly on film from my 1979 Nikon FE


Perfect is Dead, Lessons from the Uncarved Block (published on Medium)
Awkward Silence, theory and explanation of an embarrassment
Personal Utopia
, inspired by Edward Tufte
4 steps to conscious dreaming, the under-utilized 1/3 of life
The Great Reminder, a commencement speech
A Waste of Computation, I used to be a computer scientist
Daniel Steinbock in 100 words, a word cloud

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