Design Research

Consulting Work

I conduct research as a human-centered design consultant: planning and executing ethnographic user studies, customer development, and prototype-driven design. I specialize in consulting for clients whose product, service or social venture aims to do good in the world for people and the planet.

To inquire about consulting services and rates, drop me a line.

Design Research

Academic Research

At Stanford I trained as an anthropologist to earn my doctorate, while studying and then teaching in the Stanford Design Program ( My advisors were David Kelley and Bernie Roth (Design), Roy Pea (Learning Sciences), and Ray McDermott (Anthropology & Education).

Like most PhDs, I became the world’s foremost expert in a tiny, specialized field of knowledge. My dissertation is about group silence in social interaction, based on a 4-year ethnographic study of a Quaker community. Among other things, I analyze and explain the link between uncomfortable silence, creative process, and mystical experience. You can read an 8-page short version here or, for the brave of heart, the full dissertation.

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